Why choose a solicitor for conveyancing

Avoid expensive disputes. John has experience in the litigation of conveyancing disputes. Conveyancers have not. Disputes which could cost tens of thousands of dollars in litigation can be avoided.

Independent advice. John is fiercely independent and does not seek referrals. Agents may recommend a conveyancing service that will avoid asking probing questions that may upset a conveyance. John has many long-standing clients who appreciate high standards of professional service provided without fear or favour.

Get advice before signing. Speak to John before signing anything, including contracts on a cooling off basis. Don’t be badgered by pressure tactics that say 'this is a standard contract, sign here'. After receiving advice, take the time to do research. John will move promptly on transactions when you are ready to proceed.

Family arrangements. Beware of entering into family arrangements concerning land or business without independent legal advice. So often family relationships are irreparably damaged by informal arrangements gone sour.

Documenting shared contributions. Seek John's advice if you are a couple buying property where the financial contribution is unequal. There are options for recording the unequal ownership of the property including the making an agreement to clearly document issues of contribution.

Illegal building work. This can be made legal in certain circumstances. Only a solicitor with John's experience in building and construction can advise you well in such circumstances.

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