John Sheehy can provide a superior professional service at a reasonable price.

For sellers. John assists sellers to ensure that all vendor disclosure documents are in order and assists with other aspects of documentation to limit the number of queries from buyers. The aim is to manage any issues which may delay the sale prior to marketing the property.

For buyers. As an adjunct to his legal expertise, John has many years experience in the building and construction industry, enabling him to assist buyers with queries concerning house services and the many issues that can arise arising from pest and building pre-purchase reports and drainage diagrams.

John will advise on the legal appropriateness of the parties holdings in the purchase. For example, a second relationship may have unequal contributions whereby the parties may need to buy in unequal shares as tenants in common. There may be circumstances where the purchaser’s interest should be held on trust by another person as Trustee.

John's experience extends to Torrens Title, Strata Title, Company Title, Old System Title, Qualified Title and Community Land Titles.

Accommodation purchases for retirees. John strongly advises clients planning to live in accommodation provided by a family member, to obtain legal advice before commencing any such plan. He can advise clients considering entering retirement villages or other aged care facilities, where there are often potential problems and pitfalls.

Mortgage and borrowing. John has extensive experience with reverse mortgage loans, first home loans, business loans and low document loans. He will examine a proposed loan entity and check whether there are guarantors involved. He strongly recommends the documenting of loans between family members, since informal arrangements often go awry.

  John Sheehy explains why a solicitor offers a superior service

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